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Working Group 4

Novel Glass Assemblies
WG 4

Aims & Objectives

This working group is addressing Priority Area 4 ‘Novel Glass Assemblies’ identified by the research network.

Glass is predominantly produced in flat sheets which need to be assembled together to form a structural glass component or a structure. The structural capacity of the existing first generation of structural glass assemblies is, however, limited by the high tensile stresses present around the bolt hole which coincides with the weakest part of the glass. The objectives of Working Group 4 are to unify and advance knowledge on the next generation of efficient glass connections and assemblies. 

Task Groups

Within the working group, 4 themes are addressed and Task Groups have been formed accordingly, which are:

TG 10: Connections
Leader: Prof Frank Wellershoff

Title First Name  Last Name Organisation Country
Prof Paulo Cruz University of Minho PT
Mr Jonas Dispersyn Ghent University  BE 
Dr Oliver  Hechler  University of Luxembourg  LU 
Mr Manuel  Santarsiero  ICOM - EPFL  CH 
Mr Carlos  Teixidor  Bellapart SAU  ES 
Mr James  Watson  University of Cambridge  UK 
Dr  Frank  Wellershoff  Hafen City University  DE 

TG 11: Architectural Geometries
Leader: Prof Ognen Marina

Title First Name  Last Name Organisation Country
Mr Kristijan Jordanov Studio of Architecture and Engineering "Tetraktis" MK
Ms Tatjana Kosic University of Belgrade  RS 
Prof Aleksandra  Krstic-Furundzic  University of Belgrade  RS 
Prof Ognen  Marina  University of Ss.”Cyiril and Methodius” MK
Dr Violeta  Nushi  State University of Tetova  MK 
Dr Milena  Stavric  Graz University of Technology  AT 
Ms  Vesna  Zegarac Leskovar  University of Maribor  SI 

TG 12: Stability
Leader: Dr Chiara Bedon

Title First Name  Last Name Organisation Country
Dr Chiara Bedon University of Trieste IT
Prof Jan Belis Ghent University  BE 
Prof Oliver  Englhardt  TU Graz  AT 
Dr Andreas  Luible  Hochscule Luzern - Technik & Architektur CH
Dr Danijel  Mocibob  RI ISA, Permasteelisa Group  HR 
Dr Stefan Reich  TU Dresden  De 

TG 13: Hybrid Components
Leader: Dr Christian Louter

Title First Name  Last Name Organisation Country
MsJagoda Cupac ICOM-EPFL CH 
Dr Martina Eliasova Czech Technical University CZ
Dr Christian Louter ICOM - EPFL  CH 
Dr Michal   Netusil  Czech Technical University  CZ 
Mr Shelton  Nhamoinesu  University of Cambridge UK
Dr Miroslav  Premrov University of Maribor SI 
MrVlad SilvestruTU GrazAT