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Working Group 3

Post-Fracture Performance
Post-Fracture Performance

WG 3 Chair: Dr Mauro OVEREND

Aims & Objectives

The principal aim of this working group is to advance knowledge on the post-fracture performance of glass. This working group is addressing Priority Area 3 identified by the research network - An integrated design approach incorporating risk analysis and post-fracture mechanics.

Glass is inherently brittle and has a relatively low tensile strength. As a result the overarching design philosophy is to ensure adequate strength and stability for normal actions and to provide safe failure or adequate residual post-fracture capacity thereby minimising the risk of human injury. This fundamental ‘fail-safe’ concept is currently not embedded in the design process, largely due the lack of quantitative methods for assessing the post-fracture performance of glass. This shortcoming leads to a high risk of glass-related human injuries particularly in extreme events. The objectives of the working group are to unify and advance knowledge at two levels:

  • The component level, where structural integrity and residual load-bearing capacity is a function of the visco-elastic interlayer properties, the fragmentation of glass and local delamination effects. 
  • The system level, which extends the fail-safe concept to connections and to the overall performance of the assembly of glass components.

Task Groups

Within Working Group 3 different sub-themes are addressed and Task Groups have been formed accordingly, which are:

TG 7: Numerical know how and validation of numerical work 
Leader: Dr Jens Henrik Nielsen

Title First Name  Last Name Organisation Country
DrChiara Bedon University of Trieste IT 
ProfFabrice Bernard INSA Rennes FR 
MrJonas Dispersyn Ghent University BE 
Dr Sandra Jordão Coimbra University PT
Dr Martin  Larcher  Universität der Bundeswehr München  DE 
DrJens HenrikNielsen Denmark Technical UniversityDK 
MrGergely Molnar Budapest University of Technology and EconomicsHU
MrJoren Pelfrene Ghent University BE 
MrManuel Santarsiero ICOM-EPFL CH 
MrMike Tibolt University of Luxembourg LU 
MsBojana Trajanoska UKIM in Skopje MK

TG 8: Structural design philsophy
Leader: Dr Mauro Overend

Title First Name  Last Name Organisation Country
Mr Niccolo Baldassini RFR Paris FR
Dr Freek Bos  Witteveen + Bos  NL 
Prof Jean-Paul Lebet EPFL - ICOM      CH 
Dr Mauro Overend  University of Cambridge UK
Prof Daia  Zwicky  Ecole d’ingénieurs et d’architectes  CH

TG 9: Learning from failure

Leader: Mr Daniel Honfi

Title First Name  Last Name Organisation Country
Prof Charalampos Baniotopoulos Aristotle University of Thessaloniki EL
Mr Daniel  Honfi  Lund University  HU