Working Groups

The activities are carried out in four working groups. Each working group is further sub-divided into several smaller Task Groups that focus on more specific topics.

WG 1:
Predicting complex loads on glass structures
        TG 1: Thermal fracture
        TG Leader: Marc VANDEBROEK
        TG 2: Insulating glass units
        TG Leader: Jurgen NEUGEBAUER

        TG 3: Dynamic load combinations
        TG Leader: Olga RIO

WG 2: Material characterization and material improvement
        TG 4: Thermal tempering
        TG Leader: Reijo KARVINEN
        TG 5: Glass strength and aging of glass
        TG Leader: Maria LINDQVIST

        TG 6: Interlayer properties
        TG Leader: Gérard SAVINEAU

WG 3: Post-fracture performance
WG Chair: Mauro OVEREND
        TG 7: Numerical know how and validation of numerical work
        TG Leader: Martin LARCHER
        TG 8: Structural design philosophy
        TG Leader: Mauro OVEREND

        TG 9: Learning from failure
        TG Leader: Daniel HONFI

WG 4: Novel glass assemblies
WG Chair: Christian LOUTER

        TG 10: Connections
        TG Leader: Frank WELLERSHOFF
        TG 11: Architectural geometries
        TG Leader: Ognen MARINA

        TG 12: Stability
        TG Leader: Jan BELIS

        TG 13: Hybrid Components
        TG Leader: Christian LOUTER