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COST presentations at COST seminar “Structural Use of Glass – challenges and current research” DTU, Copenhagen, Denmark, January 13, 2012:

  1. NIELSEN, J.H., “Tempered glass – computational simulations”
  2. SCHNEIDER, J., “Transient FE-impact simul. and simplified impact model for a soft body impact on glass panes”
  3. PENKOVA, N., “Temperature fields in insulated glass units”
  4. NEUGEBAUER, J., “Special projects realised with special insulated glass”
  5. BELIS, J., “Bolts or adhesives? A case study”
  6. LOUTER, C., “Structural aspects of reinforced glass beams”
  7. BAGGER, A., “Glass plate shell – a full scale prototype”
  8. OVEREND, M., “Transparent structures & Smart skins. An overview of ongoing research at the University of Cambridge